Eco-friendly Biocide & Disinfectant

Silver catalysed surface sterilant and disinfectant which allows microbial cell wall oxidation offering bacterial as well as fungal protection.

Offers a unique, eco-friendly, shelf life enhancer of fresh produce, which controls ethylene, hence delays ripening, decreases latent microbial infection on fresh produce & also helps to reduce surface pesticide residues.

It is flexible for application over the fruits, it can be applied by spray, dip, brush coating, tumbler and jet coating technology. No need to change your grading line as it suits to your system.

Microbial Control

After Spraying, hydrogen Peroxide oxidizes the cell wall of the bacterial/ fungal/ viral/ spore cell.

Silver enters the nucleus of the cell & disrupts the DNA.

This prevents multiplication of the microbial cells resulting in blackening of the cell mass.

Pesticide/Fungicide Residue Control

Hydrogen peroxide, being a strong oxidizing agent, chemically oxidizes the pesticide/fungicide residues on surface of fresh produce.

It dissociates into water & oxygen, hence does not leave any residues on surface.

Ethylene Control

After Spraying/Dip Treatment, micro-silver converts ethylene to ethylene oxide which has anti-microbial properties.

Destruction of ethylene delays ripening.

Ethylene oxide acts as a natural antimicrobial agent, which additionally helps to control latent infection on fresh produce.