Activated potassium permanganate based ethylene absorbing pouches for highly perishable and ethylene sensitive produce.

Ethylene release by the climatic fruits during the transit gets trapped in the packing material and triggers the process of ripening. The trapped ethylene further enhances the rate of respiration and fresh produce loses its aesthetic value and marketability.

Ethylene Scrubber Pouches for More Life is based on alumina coated potassium permanganate formulation which is well known ethylene scrubber. It absorbs the ethylene released by climatic fruits inside the packing material and reduces the damages caused to ethylene sensitive crops.

The pouches are long lastingand specially designed as per the specific fresh produce and box sizes. Unlike the clay substrate coating, the alumina coated potassium permanganate formulation offers more surface area which allows more absorption of ethylene.

Dealing effectively with ethylene destruction to improve the shelf and storage life of fruits, vegetables and flowers is a challenge.

Ecofriendly, non-hazardous, shelf life enhancer for horticulture & floriculture – FRESHEVER to control ethylene gas in the atmosphere & improve the storage life of freshproduce.