Floracoat is a premium post-harvest product for use on cut owers which del ivers outstanding protection, preservation and extension of ower life. Floracoat has been developed from a range of fully biodegradable and compostable polymers. It Protects Flowers from Physical & Fungal damage, Preserves the owers from further Fungal attack and Extends the Life of the owers. It can be applied via precision spraying systems or simply dipping the cut owers during the grading operations.

Floracoat has been formulated specifically for cut flower applications Does not contains any toxic or harmful substances It is 100% biodegradable & compostable Cleans up with water easily F loracoat regulates and slows down transpiration of the cut ower thereby delaying maturity and decomposition Offers good heat tolerance Floracoat will en capsulate the flower and slowly release the bioactive compound that is added to it for post-harvest disease control on cut flowers Floracoat is available in 1000 L, 200L, 100L and 20L ready to use packs.

No mixing as Floracoat is ready to use solution Offers longer Vase Life which delivers better grower returns and happy customers Signicantly reduces botrytis when used with a suitable bioactive compound Reduced spoilage gives better returns Reduced losses in supply chain, and high quality of the cut ower is maintained Safe & non-toxic to users and environment

How it works
Apply undiluted by compressed air spray gun or at grading machine via automated spray tunnel to the fiower head as soon as possible after harvest Typically apply Foracoat, mixed with a suitable fungicide Floracoat can significantly extend the vase life throughout the supply chain and till the end consumer Essentially Flora coat is a sophisticated packaging material. Floracoat creates a fine permeable membrane over the surface of the plant material allowing customised control of metabolism by the plant tissue. Treated material typically exhibits signicantly extended visual quality, saleable vase life, recovery from refrigeration induced dehydration and signicant heat tolerance Tank mixed biocides typically deliver significantly extended and enhanced efficacy particularly in relation to fungicide treatments for botrytis