Most of the climatic fruits are shipped in the corrugated bre boxes. The boxes are responsible for trapping of ethylene and heat. Rise in temperature triggers ethylene production and triggers maturity. The end user may get disappointed due to poor quality fruit received. Addition of anti-ethylene bags or scrubbers may add to the cost and may not be suitable in the tight margin markets.

More Life Solutions now bring an outstanding innovation for your corrugated boxes. We have specially developed Halogen Synergized Ethylene Oxidizer Coatings. These coatings must be applied during the process of box manufacturing or the coated paper is to be pasted on the existing box. It adds dynamic ethylene oxidizing properties to your same box and no need to change the branding or box size. The glossy nish of the coat can easily differentiate the quoted and non-quoted boxes.

The coatings are available in the form of special additives to be used during the box manufacturing process. Also, the quoted papers are available which can be pasted inside the boxes you have in your inventory.