Polymer based multilayer sulphur pad.

Active Ingredient of Dual Release Pads (Gm/Pad) Width (in mm) Length (in mm) Box Dimension (in mm) Total Boxes in 20’ FCL W/o Pallet One Pallet (1200 x1000mm) Total Boxes in 20’ FCL with pallet
2.90 245 340 525x350x155 1089 78 boxes 780
4.45 270 470 485x285x290 768 56 boxes 560
4.65 340  390 405x360x290 720 50 boxes 500
5.45 340 460 475x360x290 640 42 boxes 420
6.05 340 510 525x360x290 568 42 boxes 420
6.30 340 530 550x360x290 532 35 boxes 350

The Sheets are also customised according to customer specific requirement
Sheets available in Single Release for all sizes

Shell Life
24 months from the date of manufacture if stored according to manufacturer's instructions. Store this product in the original sealed Polyethylene bags in a dry and cool place away from moisture and sunlight. Once the sealed pack is open, use immediately.

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