Wax emulsion which enhances natural fruit lustre, helps in protecting against fungal infections and adds to the keeping quality of fruits.

Specially made wax emulsion glossy quote to keep fruits fresh for longer time. It forms a unipermiable thin layer over the fruits and reduces the rate of respiration. A unique substitute for the wax coating of fruit add glossy appearance and lustre to the fruit. We also have customized formulations along with natural fruit fragrance gives value addition for the fruits.

Fruit coat is flexible for application over the fruits, it can be applied by spray, dip, brush coating, tumbler and jet coating technology. No need to change your grading line as it suits to your system.

Special Features

  • Improves the natural gloss and lustre of the fruit.
  • The coating is very thin and smooth.
  • Decrease the moisture & weight loss by forming breathable layer on the fruit surface.
  • Non-toxic, eco-friendly and Residue free product.