Post Harvest Solutions for MORELIFE & FRESHNESS

Offering a range of specialty products providing shelf life extension of fresh product.

We aim Extending Shelf Life of Fresh Produce.

The product and solutions developed by Morelife are the outcome of extensive inhouse as well as institutional research. The products targets ethylene triggered problems, controlled respiration technology, ethylene scavenging, moisture loss control. The products contributes in physiological as well atmospheric process control of fresh product which helps in keeping the packaged product in remaining fresh for longer duration. The products are crop specific also packaging suitable as well.

MoreLife Solutions

We offer range of products and solutions for extending shelf life of fresh produce.

  1. So2 Pads
  2. Anti Ripening Bags
  3. Anti Ripening Paper
  4. Ethylene Scavengers
  5. Freshness Coat
  6. Flora Coat

Welcome to MoreLife

Inspired by witnessing heavy losses due to improper packing techniques in the perishable agriculture commodities MoreLife Solutions taken an initiative by developing antiripening packing solutions which keep the product fresh from the farm its harvested to end user.

With a range of products backed with strong research, we could able to reduce the postharvest losses phenomenally as the products performed outstanding on the objectives its made for